Songstress Katy Perry poses in Melissa Plastic Dreams for the footwear label’s latest “magalog”. Another iconic female in the issue? Barbie. (The Cut)

Adidas is pledging to transition to 100 percent “better cotton” by 2018. A founding member of the Better Cotton Initiative, the sportswear giant is committing itself to reducing pesticide use while promoting water efficiency and healthier working conditions. (Adidas)

Jolly good news: Despite the economic downturn, sales of organic textiles in the United Kingdom reportedly grew an estimated 7.8 percent in 2010. (Ecotextile News)

Japanese Vogue’s Anna Dello Russo advice for spring-culling your wardrobe: “When in front of a dress to kill or to keep, ask yourself: will future generations want to see it?” (British Vogue)


“If people don’t actually end up wearing the clothes, then making them is a waste of materials and energy.”
Bodkin designer Eviana Hartman, on why aesthetics should always trump virtue, in the March 23, 2011 edition of The Australian