Gray, overcast skies at three in the afternoon are enough to sour the sunniest of dispositions. Turn that frown upside down by shifting your attention earthward to Osborn Design’s brazenly styled, jazz-inspired oxfords, slip-ons, and booties. The Brooklyn-based twosome doesn’t shy away from color or pattern, working with statement-making textiles that range from crazy-quilt tribal designs to eyeball-yanking animal prints.

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But Osborn’s shoes aren’t just a prescriptive for hipsters with unhappy feet—they’re also fairly made in Guatemala with locally sourced fabrics, including secondhand blankets and clothing, vintage handwovens, and African kente cloth.

The shoes are fairly made in Guatemala with locally sourced, vintage fabrics.

Because the fancy footwear is made in small runs (30 to 40 pairs per week) of limited sizes and patterns, finding a design you love in a size that fits is a matter of serendipity. This means you can kick up your heels with a one-of-a-kind product, which works out just fine for your two of a kind.

+ Jazzies $90-$98; Booties $110-$130

+ Osborn Design

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