If Punxsutawney Phil’s weather prognostications are bumming you out, perk those spirits up by ogling Kitty Cooper’s glam array of heels in cheerful, retro prints. Made of vintage fabrics from the ’20s to ’70s by a family business in East London, these ruffly wedges and luscious peep-toes are enough to make any pin-up girl go gaga. Is it spring yet?

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Cooper, an expert in vintage fabrics, started her company in response to unsustainable abuse of materials, labor, and resources in the fashion industry. But she felt strongly that people should still look good while doing better. “No one should have to change their life styles, just their choices,” she says on her site. Her designs are inspired by the looks of past eras, but they also incorporate the “make-do-and-mend” sensibility of bygone times.

Every step you take will carry a sliver of history.

Whether you choose a pump made from ’50s dove blue satin (paired with a French Gallerie Lafayette ribbon ruffle from the 1910s) or a chunky heel crafted from ’60s chartreuse curtains, every step you take will carry a sliver of history. Beyond the vintage textiles, Cooper uses locally sourced materials, including vegetable-tanned leather, post-consumer recycled paper, and organic cotton for the her shoe bags.

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