Kizzy Jai Knight has been busy this past year, especially after expanding her eponymous brand to include a spinoff collection. Simply called “Jai,” the Fall/Winter 2010 line is a steely blue palette of elegant lines in comfortable fabrics. But although Jai presents a departure from the more youthful Jai Active Wear line, its essence is very much the same: Locally manufactured clothes that feel good, look great, and transform from casual to classy in no time flat.

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In addition to the Tencel, recycled nylon, and recycled cotton that infuses much of her activewear collection, Knight has included luxurious organic wool to the dressier label.

Tencel, recycled nylon, recycled cotton, and organic wool make up the dressier label.

Knight’s dance background is another common thread and key influence: You can almost imagine someone pirouetting across the streets in the Sunningdale Classic and ballet flats or doing the salsa in the Anna dress on a hot summer night.

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While Jai Active Wear focused on what Knight describes as the “energetic elements of a woman’s day, balanced with the more relaxed moments she experiences,” Jai draws from the sophisticated aspects of her life. “It was a natural progression,” Knight tells Ecouterre.

Jai draws from the sophisticated aspects of a woman’s life.

By anticipating her customer’s evolving needs throughout the day, Knight has produced pieces that can bring you from your morning workout to a night on the dance floor without missing a single stitch—or step.

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