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Knitters can help put their needles to good use this fall, by whipping up tiny knit caps to help raise awareness for Shaken Baby Syndrome. The CLICK for Babies 2013 campaign is kicking off with a call for hand knit or crocheted purple infant hats to pass out to newborns boys and girls. The purple caps will raise awareness of purple crying, the frustrating inconsolable crying phase that many infants aged two weeks to four months go through.

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Many cases of purple crying are mistaken for colic, but is actually a very normal phase that many infants go through. Purple crying begins around two weeks of age and can last until three to four months. It is a tough period of incessant crying that resists soothing and can last up to five long hours.

The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome has found this period to be a trigger for shaken baby syndrome, and so the purple cap campaign is being launched to help parents understand that this is a natural phase in their child’s life.

Click for Babies is making a plea to knitters and crafters, to help enliven their community and help little ones. Any pattern or style of cap is accepted, as well as any shade of purple- so long as it is woven with soft, baby-friendly yarn.

Perfect for a fall project, the NCSBS is aiming for 100,000 purple infant hats to pass out in November and December, so start knitting!

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