One way to make sure celebutantes keep their panties on? Make them wear a dress composed entirely of underwear. Designer Antoine Peters gathered as many unmentionables as he could, cut them into strips, and knitted a thigh-grazing shift designed for flashing in public. Peters salvaged every component, leaving almost zero waste behind. “From a distance, you see an elegant dress,” he tells Ecouterre. “But up close you experience the surprise that the dress consists of knickers only.”

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Ma’am, your tag is showing.


Peters is part of a cadre of designers, artists, and stylists who were charged with transforming an everyday object into something new, using minimal extra materials. Since few things are as quotidian as underwear, his “Knickers Dress” was displayed as part of the “Object Abuse” exhibit at KesselsKramer Outlet during London Design Week, then auctioned off to benefit the art department of St. Monica’s Primary School in Hackney.

Peters displayed her “Knickers Dress” at KesselsKramer Outlet during London Design Week.

We don’t advocate abandoning your undies’ God-given purpose, of course, but Peters’ endeavor is a call to reexamine the things we (and actress-singers who shall remain unnamed) frequently take for granted.