Discount superstore retailer Kohl’s has once again been peddling real fur as “faux.” Investigators from The Humane Society of the United States has uncovered the retailer to be selling a fur-trimmed jacket labeled as faux fur, but in fact made from raccoon dog. Although the sale of the jacket violates federal law, it was still found for sale today as of this afternoon.

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Last year, the Humane Society busted Kohl’s for selling accessories made from rabbit fur, falsely labeled as faux fur during a Cyber Monday sale. Aside from coming as an awful surprise to animal lovers everywhere, the mislabeling is also a violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act, which carries a $16,000 fine per violation.

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Today, Kohl’s is selling a fur-trimmed parka by R&O, advertised as faux fur, both in store and on their website. But upon closer inspection in the actual garment, the parka hood’s trim is in fact raccoon-dog fur, sourced from China- visible once the parka is ordered and the consumer has a chance to read the label themselves.

Since this is not Kohl’s first offense, The Humane Society is unleashing a nation-wide buyer beware campaign, urging consumers to raise their concerns so the retailer will remove the item from their stock.

Kohl’s is not the only retailer who have sold fur as faux, spurring the Humane Society to launch investigations along with the Federal Trade Commission to stop the deception.

+ Humane Society of the United States