As far as homegrown retailers go, few have cultivated that aura of all-American authenticity more fervently than L.L. Bean, which began in 1912 as a mail-order business in Greenwood, Maine. Yet with the exception of its duck boot, boat tote, and the odd kayak paddle or two, which the company continues to produce in the Pine State, its once-venerable catalog has mostly succumbed to the deluge of Asian and South American imports. Still, the Beanster might be contemplating a return to form. Together with Woolrich Woolen Mills, L.L. Bean has launched a capsule collection of bags and boots under its higher-end “Signature” label. Clad in winter-ready ombre wool plaid, the tote, pouch, and 10-to-16-inch boots are made in Maine, just like our grandparents remember. Maybe you can teach an old dog old tricks, after all.

+ L.L. Bean x Woolrich $49-$199