Lovers on the wrong side of the law. Seedy motel rooms. Sex, violence, and crimes of passion. The twist in this sordid tale? Ms. Femme Fatale is always impeccably outfitted—and picturesquely broody, we might add—in LABEL’s summer finery. Take it from designers Natalie Sydoruk and Shawna Robinson, the best felons keep it classy in sustainable fabrics, including lyocell, silk charmeuse, organic cotton, hemp, reclaimed cotton fleece, and recycled polyester.

LABEL, Spring/Summer 2010, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, sustainable style, Toronto, Canada


Made locally in Toronto, LABEL’s runaway-inspired “On the Run” Spring/Summer 2010 collection offers timeless, pared-down silhouettes with a bit of an edge. A shimmery emerald caftan-style dress goes from day to night with a change of shoes and bling. (Same with the oyster-hued disco romper if you throw on a blazer for more chi-chi occasions.)

Made locally in Toronto, LABEL offers timeless, pared-down silhouettes with a bit of an edge.

Fashion deviants will gravitate toward the ruched charcoal skirt, which goes against convention with its intentionally rumpled appearance. And despite the mercury rising, we’re partial to the button-eschewing slate-denim trench and its unstructured nonchalance.

Really, it’s almost enough to make a girl want to run afoul of the fuzz.

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