Lady Gaga recycles (geddit?) a look from her “Telephone” video by meeting her Sydney fans with her ‘do wrapped around empty Diet Coke cans. (Daily Mail)

Stars! They’re just like us! Except they get to schtup star quarterbacks, spawn without an inch of post-baby flab, and launch eco-friendly skincare lines. We’re looking at you Gisele Bundchen. (People StyleWatch)

Join TOMS Shoes by going barefoot on April 8 to spread awareness about how an ordinary pair of shoes can change a child’s life. (One Day Without Shoes)

GOTS got your tongue? A new online database allows you to search for companies certified by the global organic standard. (Press release)

Quiksilver and Roxy want you to know that not having water, in a word, sucks. The surf-apparel purveyors have launched a Europe-wide campaign aimed at drawing attention to our dwindling water resources. (Eco Fashion World)