Lars Hofsj√∂ is giving leftover textiles a third lease on life by transforming traditional Swedish rag rugs into colorful sideboards. The Rumbler designer, who grew up listening to the sound of his mother working on her loom, plunders secondhand and antique stores for the woven scraps, which he then sculpts into three-dimensional forms. Reinforced with aluminum, Hofsj√∂’s “Torp” and “Dunker” tables are a modern tribute to a time-honored craft. “Generations of women have in many Swedish homes [have] woven beautiful rag rugs,” Hofsj√∂ writes on his website. “The art of weaving has been passed from generation to generation.”

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Hofsj√∂‚Äôs tastes lean toward rugs that are not only vibrant in color, but also feel thin, well-worn, and tightly woven. “A truly, handwoven Swedish rag-rug is made from pieces of leftover fabrics,” he says. “The softer and more worn the bits of fabric are, the harder the weaver may rhythmically beat the loom [so] the carpet [becomes] strong, sturdy, and durable in structure.”

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Available in oblong (in the case of the Torp) and hexagonal (Dunker) forms, Hofsjö’s tables lend themselves well to a variety interiors. The Torp is particularly versatile, since it can be flipped in horizontal and vertical configurations on a whim, while functioning as both a table top and storage.

Hofsj√∂ is also experimenting with complementary materials such as leather and stone, which contrast “nicely against the rag rugs,” he says.

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