The XO(Eco) range uses the former The HIlls fixture’s signature “XO” mark, which represents her commitment to a “lovable style for a liveable planet,” she says. Divided into food-on-the-go, beauty, and travel categories, the lineup includes reusable lunchware, a cool iron cover that withstands up to 500 degrees, a makeup clutch, a 12-piece jewelry roll, a computer case, and a weekender bag.

The XO(Eco) represents Conrad’s commitment to a “lovable style for a liveable planet.”

Starting at $9.99, each item features an eco-impact label that lists the product’s environmental metrics, such as the number of bottles recycled (anywhere from three to 35) and its overall carbon footprint. Plus, for every purchase, BlueAvocado will donate 1 percent of the profits towards ocean preservation and restoration.

“As a designer, making greener choices has to be easy, inspiring and fun,” says Conrad in a statement. “I have designed items in the BlueAvocado XO(Eco) collection with Repreve to become a part of my daily life so I can have fashionable, eco-friendly products. If the XO(Eco) collection keeps millions of disposable bags and plastic bottles from landfills and oceans, then we have successfully designed a timeless fashion statement.”

The XO(Eco) by BlueAvocado collection is available for preorder on Amazon.

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