Innovative wearables firm, Utope has recently developed a waterproof jacket with integrated electronics and lighting to make you more visible at night. The Sporty Supaheroe Jacket features stretchable and flexible electronics built into the fabric of the coat that can easily be turned on for improved safety while, cycling, running or even walking at night. Made from organic cotton, which is highly water and wind repellent, the Sporty Supaheroe Jacket is made for activewear, can stretch during exertion and is easily washed too.

The Sporty Supaheroe Jacket is a lightweight outer shell designed for active sports like cycling or running. It features a slim, but stretchable and breathable design with a high collar and extended back for weather protection. A water and wind repellent coating on the organic cotton will keep the wearer dry and comfortable in harsh conditions.

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Integrated electronics and lighting in the chest and the back can be turned on at night to increase visibility and security. Austrian firm, Utope worked with Fraunhofer IZM to develop the stretchable circuits, which are encased in a translucent fabric shell that is then inserted into the jacket. Each jacket comes equipped with LEDs, sensors, an on/off switch and a rechargeable battery. When turned on at night, drivers and other people out on the road can easily see the illuminated jacket, which will improve safety.

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