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Singer Leona Lewis has signed on with PETA, in an attempt to expose the horrors behind the leather industry based in Bangladesh. In a new video released by PETA, Lewis reveals the inhumanity of child labor and animal cruelty that come with the price of leather goods such as shoes, belts, jackets and handbags. After investigating the Bangladeshi billion-dollar leather industry over two years with journalist Manfred Karremann, PETA has released the video in hopes to curb leather consumption across the globe.

The video, which is narrated by Lewis, recounts the hidden details behind Bangladesh’s leather industry. Lewis reveals the overcrowded conditions in which the two million cows are packed onto trucks and shipped thousands of miles from India, a country where they are protected from slaughter.

After the seemingly endless journey, the cows are in such poor health that they are too weak to attempt to stand, much less escape. The cows’ throats are then slit, and they are skinned, many still alive during the indescribable pain.

In addition to the obvious animal cruelty associated with leather, Lewis goes on to describe the effects of toxic chemicals used by tanneries on the environment, workers, and children.

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The video shows unprotected workers soaking animal hides in carcinogenic chemicals, then dumping the chemical waste into the river which drastically effects drinking water.

Exposure to chemicals leaves workers with sever respiratory problems that cause early death. These workers also face constant injury from having to consistently use knives and dangerous machinery in a fast paced environment.

PETA’s video hope to dissuade shoppers from purchasing leather goods this season, instead opting for top quality vegan alternatives.

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