Move over, smartwatches. 2015 just might be the year of the smartbag. Firing the year’s opening salvo? Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company Lepow, which unveiled its “HiSmart Pack” at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday. Designed for the urban itinerant, the convertible messenger-backpack is the world’s first to marry form, function, and technology, according to the firm. Besides housing your keys, wallet, smartphone, and laptop, the HiSmart is wired for a plethora of features, including Global Positioning System tracking, text and call notification, Bluetooth-enabled music playback, and volume control. Plug your headphones into the included jack and you’ll be able to answer calls hands- and fumble-free. The HiTech will even vibrate in case you didn’t hear the phone ring.

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Available in black or brown, the HiSmart comprises waterproof canvas, Italian leather, and German hardware. Lepow will be taking preorders for the bag in March, when it’ll make its official debut on crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo.

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Lepow promises to completely reinvent our concept of the carryall. “Our lifestyles have gone digital, but bag design essentially hasn’t changed for decades,” Julianna He, chief operating officer of Lepow, says in a press release. “The HiSmart bag is the next step in wearables and will be the first to turn what we think of as a ‘dumb’ or ‘pure-fashion’ object on its head.”

Bag, you’re it.

+ HiSmart Pack $299

+ Lepow