As a busy, jet-setting business owner, Les Lunes creator Anna Lecat found it nearly impossible to find complementary fashion for her lifestyle that mirrored both elegance and comfort. So, in true entrepreneurial spirit, Lecat set out to create it herself. The result is Les Lunes, a clothing line for both men and women that marries comfort and sexiness into a timeless wardrobe. As an entire collection, each tailored piece is defined by a beautiful silhouette, luxurious fabrics, and that certain je ne sais quoi possessed by its exemplary French aesthetic.

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When determining designs, the French Design Team gets to know Les Lunes customer – the true muse for each collection. Lecat tells Ecouterre, “we listen to their stories, what they are excited about and what they are frustrated with, and this inspired us to design garments that will support their busy lifestyle.” Each piece in Les Lunes collection is designed to work for their customer from morning to night. Based on the idea that “you don’t perform one function in your day, and your wardrobe shouldn’t either,” the expansive collection features pieces designed to move effortlessly with your lifestyle.

Sustainability was a key element of Les Lunes mission. “We are at a time in history where our choices have a greater impact on the world than ever before. The fashion industry is fraught with a throw away mentality… and it is preventable, we can make a difference by the choices that we make.” Naturally, development of a bamboo-based fabric seemed the perfect choice. Incredibly soft with an elegant drape, bamboo is also recognized as a healing grass that soothes the environment. “It is highly efficient in water intake, doesn’t need fertilizers, and a master at preventing soil erosion,” says Lecat. Additionally, bamboo absorbs approximately five times the amount of carbon dioxide and produces about 35% more oxygen than trees.

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Lecat hopes to expand Les Lunes at a pace in line with their slow fashion sensibilities. Les Lunes sets forth products that are meant to remain in closets for decades, not season to season. Manufactured in Shanghai with skilled seamstresses, each garment is handsewn from start to finish. Lecat prides herself upon a product line that exemplifies a responsibly made product from China, a task that may be difficult to achieve, but is a primary focus of Les Lunes manufacturing process.

When asked about the future of Les Lunes, Lecat mentioned how their customers have expressed a desire for Les Lunes retail. Hoping to add more flexibility in how customers can acquire their product, Les Lunes announced the opening of a concept store in their home base of San Francisco. Named Le Vie Est Bell, the concept store is an exciting new venture for Les Lunes and shows how in tune the company is with their customer base. The store is touted as an “experiential retail concept” where customers can hang out with friends and influence the creative process of Les Lunes by sharing their stories, needs, and desires.

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