If you can’t think of a single reason to hop on two wheels (salvation for the environment, your wallet, and cankles notwithstanding, of course), Levi’s new “Commuter” line for the urban commuter cyclist just might change your mind. Built around the 511 Skinny, the denim giant’s most popular skinny fit for men, the jeans and trucker jacket don’t just cut a dashing figure on the road; they’re also designed to address cycling performance, mobility, durability, and safety through a combination of technical fabrics and shrewd design.

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In addition to higher back rises that provide extra coverage for your derriere, the Skinny Commuter and Skinny Crop Commuter also feature reinforced fabric in the crotch, back pockets, and belt loops, plus utility waistbands for strapping on a U-lock.

Commuter is a product for people who ride bikes, designed by people who ride bikes, says Levi’s.

Levi’s teamed up with Swiss-based Schoeller Technologies AG to integrate the latter’s “NanoSphere” treatment, which makes denim water-resistant, dirt repellant, and tough as nails. The technology experts at Clariant gave the Commuter jeans another boost, first by imbuing them with odor-nixing properties, then by slapping 3M Scotchlite reflective tape on interior cuffs to provide the visibility of 500 candles at night.

Commuter is a product for people who ride bikes, designed by people who ride bikes, according to Erik Joule, senior vice president of Levi’s men’s merchandising and design. “We knew that our jeans were already being worn by urban cyclists across the country, including our own designers,” he says.” We listened to what they wanted and created a product with performance traits for biking that also functions as daily street wear.”

Worth the helmet hair? We think so.

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