Creating the “Field of Jeans” was an ambitious endeavor. The entire process took 50 people more than 16 consecutive hours to complete. Collectively, the jeans weighed more than 12 tons, or 11,000 pounds more than the weight of the 49rs active roster. (“That’s a lot of football players!” Levi’s quips in a blog post.)

Diverting the textiles from the landfill saved roughly 171,000 pounds of carbon-dioxide emissions—the equivalent of 36 round trips by car from San Francisco to New York.

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“We’re proud to partner with Goodwill and the San Francisco 49ers to create an opportunity for our fans to advance three important causes,” Chip Bergh, president and CEO at Levi’s, said at the start of the drive. “We’re encouraging fans to donate their used jeans and clothing in a way that promotes reuse and recycling, creates jobs in our local community, and helps keep clothing out of landfills.”

As a wise man once said, if you build it, they will come.

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