“The manufacturing of clothes has gone through a rapid and sordid restructuring process, which has seen production leave the Western world to profit from and exploit low-income countries.

“How can a product that needs to be sown, grown, harvested, combed, spun, knitted, cut and stitched, finished, printed, labeled, packaged, and transported cost a couple of Euros?

“On the hunt for cheaper deals, volume companies, but also some luxury brands, have trusted the making of their wages to underpaid workers living in dire conditions.

“What’s more, these prices imply the clothes are to be thrown away, discarded like a condom before being loved and savored, teaching young consumers that fashion has no value. We should make legislation to have minimum prices.”

—Trend forecaster par excellence Li Edelkoort, speaking at the Business of Fashion’s Voices event at Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom this past week.