Liberti’s new line of conflict-free diamonds seem to sparkle a little brighter with sustainability. The Return to Love line is not only made from sustainable cultured diamonds, but each delicate pieces is also made ethically and responsibly. The nine pieces in the collection also support Liberti’s incredible paid refugee apprenticeship program, which encourages career building to refugees who have fled unrest in search for better lives.

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Liberti’s Return to Love collection was inspired by generations of immigrants moving to America, hoping for a better future. Each full heart shape represents the journey to a new life- and actually helps men and women to find their own journey. Since its inception, founder Pamela Norton-Shelpuk has used Liberti as a means to help resettled refugees, by providing them with hand crafted training that can be used for a lifetime. The training inspires confidence, while also providing a livable income for them in the United States.

In addition to sustainable, hand-crafting, all of Liberti’s pieces are also made environmentally consciously. By making all aspects of their business transparent- from manufacturing and operations to sourcing, the company has created an ambitious and enviable eco-fashion business.

The Return to Love line features nine gold and silver pieces, with heart designs and glittering conflict-free cultured diamonds grown here in America from existing diamond seeds.

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