Talk about art in unexpected places! For her graduation project, Belgian jewelry designer Liesbet Bussche whipped up a collection of supersized baubles for an entirely different sort of clientele—the streets of Amsterdam. In a series of “street interventions” that turned nondescript urban objects into jewelry, Bussche transformed concrete balls into black-pearl earrings, sculpted a necklace from construction-site rubble, and wove red and white beads into warning tape.

Liesbet Bussche public art

Bussche’s public sculptures, which toy with our ideas of scale and context, are doubly charming because of her meticulous attention to detail, from butterfly earring backs to spring ring necklace clasps. She will be exhibiting at the “What’s New?” exhibition at Galarie Sofie Lachaert in Tielrode, Belgium, till Nov. 8.

+ Liesbet Bussche

[Via Designboom]