Certainly Solgaard, himself an avid backpacker, has found his niche. With more than a month left on its Kickstarter campaign, the Lifepack has already achieved its $20,000 target more than nine times over.

Bells and whistles aside, each Lifepack can be divided into two sections: a “Lifezone” for organizing your clothes, socks, and toiletries in the front, and a “Workzone” for your laptop, smartphone, headphones, and paperwork in the back.

Four concealed pockets allow you discreetly stow important items like credit cards or your passport.

“Nobody wants underwear falling out at a work meeting,” Solgaard says of the organization system.

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The most attractive part of the backpack has to be the integrated solar bank. Comprising two USB ports and a high-capacity battery, it effectively lets you charge all of your devices on the go. (Solgaard claims you can squeeze 12 full charges for an iPhone 6.)

The solar bank also powers the Bluetooth speaker, which you can listen to wirelessly.

The integrated lock, which doubles as a bottle opener, is another highlight. Made from 6-millimeter stainless steel, the lock secures with a customizable combination around any table or chair leg.

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