If there’s one person we’d trust unreservedly with our punim, it’s Lina Hanson, green makeup artist to the stars and Ecouterre’s resident beauty guru. It’s not a question of nepotism, either. Her clientele, which includes actresses Morena Baccarin and Ellen Page, speaks for itself. (Have you seen the glows on those complexions?) So you can bet your sweet cheeks we were sold on her face serum even before she made the pitch. Crafted using organic, vegan, and fair-trade ingredients such as camellia, pumpkin seed, and baobab, her 100 percent natural oil targets dry skin, soothes redness and inflammation (even rosacea), and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—all without petrochemicals, parabens, or suspicious synthetics. Needless to say, nothing is tested on animals. Hanson, like the rest of us, likes to keep it clean.

+ Global Face Serum $85

+ Lina Hanson