Eco-luxury designer Linda Loudermilk has created what she dubs the world’s first compostable swimsuit. Derived from plant starch, the two-piece made its debut at the HauteNatured swimwear show at Miami Swim Week on Friday. But don’t worry about the bathing suit—particularly that merkin-esque second number—vanishing on your person while you’re wearing it. You have to bury it below ground before it breaks down in 180 days or less. “You can use it again or you can throw it away,” Loudermilk told the Miami Herald. “It’s very inexpensive so it’s something you can give to your guests but it has a fashion-forward look.”

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The event, which raised money and awareness for the SeaKeepers Society, also featured eco-swimwear collections from designers such as Eco Swim, Meadow, and Mae Couture.

The swimsuit will vanish without a trace in 180 days or less once buried underground.

“Our mission is to use the runway as a platform to raise awareness about environmental issues and sustainable design,” says Ryan Hattaway, founder of HauteNatured and president of Mogul Events. “Where products are created and produced with consideration to the environmental and social impact it may have throughout its life span.”

Miami is just the first stop on HauteNatured’s annual tour. Future appearances are planned for New York and Los Angeles.

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