If anyone was going to wear a bulletproof pinstripe suit, it would definitely be James Bond. Turns out there’s more people than you think that work in dangerous situations, but also want to look stylish and presentable when making deals. Enter the tailor-made Bulletproof Suit by Garrison Bespoke, who developed the suit to help some of their clients remain safe under fire. Using flexible and lightweight carbon nanotube material, the armored business suit can can protect the wearer from bullets, but it won’t protect you from admirers.

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Garrison Bespoke caters to a lot of well-to-do clients out of their downtown Toronto shop, but some of these men’s jobs put them in dangerous situations with their work in the oil, mining and diamond industries around the world. In particular, one of their clients was actually shot and barely survived, so the tailor started thinking that if only he was wearing a bulletproof suit, he would have been protected. Garrison Bespoke then began working with military suppliers to develop a lightweight, fashionable and safe suit. The goal was for the suit to look good in the boardroom, be comfortable to wear all day long and also stop bullets.

The suits are made with an inner liner of carbon nanotube textile, much like troops use in their uniforms. This lightweight material is fifty percent lighter than Kevlar and is also thinner and more flexible. The entire suit acts like body armor and the nanotubes in the fabric harden to block force from a bullet and stop penetration. A video on Garrison’s site shows the suit being repeatedly fired upon at close range, but the bullets never go through the carbon nanotube fabric.

Garrison Bespoke’s custom bulletproof suits are designed expressly to fit the customer’s body, but it doesn’t come cheap. Each bulletproof suit will cost you $20,000, but then again, what is the price for your life?

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