Cosmetic giant L’Oreal’s latest foray into wearable technology is surprisingly not an amped up lipstick or eye shadow, but instead a UV tracking sticker that could help prevent skin cancer. Designed in partnership PCH, with sensors from MC10, My UV Patch is a soft wearable heart sticker, packed with ultraviolet- tracking sensors. Through an accompanying app, My UV Patch tracks exposure to UV rays, letting users take skin health into their own hands.

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L’Oreal called in MC10 to make their first wearable technological piece, since the company is known for creating flexibly technology and products with tiny circuitry. The sticker itself is small, just about an inch square, with a flexible thinness that makes it easy to wear. The heart-shaped sticker stays put for three to five days, taking UV readings over a few days in order to monitor and assess each user’s sun exposure habits. The blue patterned surface is made up of photosensitive dyes which are reactive to sun exposure, while measuring the wearer’s skin tone and its changes.

To track your on UV exposure, the sticker itself is simply scanned using your phone’s camera while using the My UV Patch app. The app will then outline the details of your UV exposure, allowing sun worshippers to slather on more SPF 70 or get out of the sun when levels are high. L’Oreal will launch My UV Patch to 15 countries this Spring, offering the UV tracker for free.

+ La Roche-Posay

+ L’Oreal