Who says you’re too old to play with paper dolls? Each of Lotty Dotty’s T-shirts features a screen-printed figure, plus a variety of Velcro-backed “outfits” for snapping on and off whenever the spirit moves you. Available in both kid and adult sizes, the interactive tees comprise a blend of organic cotton, bamboo, and repurposed fabrics. Shevanne Helmer and Maya Persaud, the company’s founders, collaborate with emerging designers to style the different looks: a romantic lace dress, a pair of sequin shorts, a polka-dot swing skirt. are among the items you can purchase à la carte. The shirts are also platforms for raising funds for women’s groups such as Innocence in Danger, a nonprofit that advocates for victims of sexual abuse and trafficking.

+ Children’s Shirt $45

+ Women’s Shirt $60

+ Lotty Dotty