The team ensures that the women who make the items are paid “above fair wages”. On top of this, a “Wonder Fund” contributes an additional 20% of earnings to the community in order to invest in local projects that the women and their communities decide are most needed. This is aimed at helping local people, and the women involved in the project in particular, to be empowered to make important decisions in and for their community.

After finalizing all the samples with the help of these Cambodian women—who tailor and handcraft each of the products by hand—Lotus Wonders has launched a campaign on IndieGoGo to help secure funds for the line to be fully realized.

The whole venture has a great aim behind it: to help women achieve economic independence throughout the developing world. Once the retail distribution is in place, the team hopes to establish the next Lotus Wonders village teams. They will hire and train the next group of women affected by land rights issues and fully equip more workplaces.

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