Photos by Fabrice Ziegler

With their often extravagant forms, perfume bottles are collectors’ pieces in their own right. So why throw them away when their aromatic cargo runs dry? Luis Teixeira didn’t. The Portuguese designer gave hundreds of perfume-bottle tops a new lease on life by recycling them into an eclectic array of rings. Comprising 360 different designs, each one representing a “degree of a circle meaning the complete turn of the recycling,” Teixeira’s “Lust” collection includes only a single ring base. Thanks to a system of magnets, the wearer is able to swap tops at will, creating what Teixeira describes as a “change-and-go facility.”

“You place the ring-base once and change the top-ring easily according to your taste,” Teixeira tells Ecouterre. The result is a “luxury trashy look for her hands,” he says, before ending with his personal slogan. “Reduce, reuse, recycle, but do not copy. Create!”

+ Luis Teixeira