Stand up straight! Years of admonishment from our mothers still can’t get us to have stand tall even though we know we should. It’s not that we don’t want good posture, it’s just so much easier to slouch and we often forget. If you suffer from the slouching affliction though, you may need a posture coach and with new wearable technology, it’s now possible with the Lumo Lift. The wearable clasp magnetically hooks on to your shirt and gives you a little vibration when you’re slouching. On top of that, the Lumo Lift also acts as an activity tracker and helps you meet your fitness goals.

Developed by Lumo Bodytech, the Lumo Lift is the only fitness tracker that also measures and alerts you to your posture. When you slouch, fold your shoulders towards your chest, sit crunched at your desk or stand tall, Lumo Lift will alert you with gentle vibrations. The wearable also acts as a fitness tracker and measures your activity, walking and exercise. Working with your smartphone app (currently only available with iOS), Lumo Lift keeps track of how well you’re doing and also give you hints and tips on how to improve along the way.

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The device is worn on the inside of your clothes with a magnetic clasp that keeps in it place. Right now the small visible magnet comes in a variety of colors and metallics. Soon Lumo hopes to release more jewelry looking clasps that will seem more like broaches. For women, the Lumo Lift can also be worn inside of your clothes and hooked to a bra strap. Metallics, black and white versions are available for $99 and colored clasps on the Lumo Lift are $119.

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