LUSH is taking Internet giant Amazon to court following claims of trademark infringement. The British beauty company, well known for their stance against animal testing, are suing the online company for buying search engine ad words for LUSH in order to create more traffic to Amazon’s website. According to a statement from LUSH, “When people get to Amazon’s site and search for LUSH, they are shown a competitor’s product”. This leads to customers being misled as to the origins of the products, and undermines the brand’s ethical values.

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In an interview with The Observer, LUSH co-founder Mark Constantine described how Amazon was “bullying” businesses with these actions. Recently Amazon made the headlines for paying lower taxes in the UK when it transferred its ownership to Amazon EU Sarl, with a base in Luxembourg. Constantine added that the giant is not making a contribution. “The only way it can afford to run it is by not paying tax. If it had to behave in a more conventional way, it would struggle,” he noted.

So far Amazon has not responded to requests for comments.

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