Cruelty-free cosmetic company LUSH knows that the fashion industry’s obsession with fur is heightened as colder months are upon us, so the ethical retailer has launched a new campaign called #MakeFurHistory. Targeting fashionistas with a penchant for fur, LUSH set up a faux-ad campaign for a website called Would-be fur purchasers were duped, and redirected to LUSH’s, a tell-all site that exposes the cruelty within the fur industry, and hopefully changed some fur-seeker’s minds.

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Not all fur-purchaser wear animal pelts overtly on coats and accessories. The fur industry also is used in many beauty products, including makeup brushes and the new trend of mink eye lashes, which are of course sourced from live animals. The use of fur in all of these cases is completely unneeded and unnecessary, only serving the vanity of its customers.

With LUSH’s gutsy campaign, fur buyers were faced head-on with the ugly truths of the fur industry. The website included real videos of animals in captivity awaiting their fashion-sanctioned fate, the putrid conditions revealed, and the hard truth of their deaths, or worse, being skinned alive for fashion accessories. With the diverted website, fur fans will get a glimpse of the awful process to make their coats and cuffs.

LUSH’s campaign calls on their customers and fur patrons to end this unnecessarily cruel fashion trend, and to #MakeFurHistory once and for all.

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