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The M. Patmos collection borrows cues from two seemingly disparate yet complementary sources: the use of negative space by contemporary New York artist Mary Judge and the book Birth of the Cool: California Art, Design, and Culture at Mid-century. “I combined the tactile look of mid-century craft with motifs from Judge’s cement sculptures,” Patmos says.

Nearly two years after Lutz & Patmos shuttered its wildly popular knitwear line, Patmos is still carving out her solo identity.

Nearly two years after Lutz & Patmos shuttered its wildly popular line of luxury wool and cashmere knits, Patmos is still carving out her solo identity, which seems headed in a looser, more abstract direction. True to the concept of timeless, functional chic she and former partner Tina Lutz established, however, the transition is beautifully executed, hovering occasionally on the cusp of edgy (an open-weave beaded sweater that plays fast and loose with gauge, lurex tap pants with the sheen of a deflated Mylar balloon) but with a ladylike restraint, along with whiffs of tailored menswear and top notes of athleticism.

Patmos’s work with sustainable fibers (organic cotton, hemp, linen), American manufacturing, zero-waste Wholegarment knitting technology, and women artisans in Bolivia and Nepal hasn’t gone unremarked upon. Rumor has it she’s a frontrunner for this year’s CFDA/Lexus Hybrid Living Eco-Fashion Challenge.

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