You say eco-friendly, we say sustainable. Let’s call the whole thing off? Hang on to your lexicons, my moniker-mincing friends, because Made-By, a U.K.-based nonprofit that works to improve environmental and social standards in the fashion industry, wants to clear the air surrounding this new fashion vocabulary that’s been foisted upon us “Part of the problem is that there is often no established usage in the fashion industry for some of these new terms,” says Pamela Daniels, a spokeswoman for the organization. “Many of these words are not even defined in the dictionary yet.”

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At the PURE Womenswear Tradeshow, which began Sunday, Made-By will be distributing its new “Jargon-Buster” fashion calender, a broadsheet with a word defined for each month of 2010, from recycled clothing to traceability.

“Many of these words are not even defined in the dictionary yet.”

“It’s important to Made-By to be able to communicate clearly and effectively to everyone across the fashion spectrum,” says Daniels, “from factory workers, to NGOs, CSR managers, designers, all the way through to consumers; and we work with our brands to do the same.”

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