But Dear Kates aren’t just for women who are menstruating. The triple-layered design, which can hold as many as three teaspoons of liquid, is a boon for ladies experiencing mild incontinence during and after pregnancy, as well.

Functional underthings don’t have to look or feel like modified Depends, either. Dear Kate prides itself on its attractive, even sexy, silhouettes, which include hipsters, briefs, and thongs. Just as extraordinary: While most underwear brands import their wares from overseas, Dear Kate is one of the few that manufactures domestically—New York City, to be specific.

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“Dear Kates were invented for those days when the last thing you want to worry about is an embarrassing mishap,” Sygiel says. “We can’t reschedule your time of the month or train your unborn child, but we can make life safer for your favorite dress.

Dear Kate is chick-friendly in other ways, too. Its latest collection, “Ada,” gets its name from Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer. To model its lookbook, Dear Kate enlisted women who are blazing new trails in technology today, including Quiessence Phillips, creator of the “Girltechie” campaign; Arikia Millikan, founder of LadyBits; and Adda Birnir of Skillcrush.

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