Finding a good water-resistant jacket is a difficult prospect in itself, but finding one that is organic too is downright impossible. Which is why Luca Sburlati of N2R set out to make a completely organic coat that could withstand the elements. The Hydro Jacket is made of organic cotton that relies on the a special, tight knit weave to repel water rather than a synthetic coating. Made in Italy using locally-sourced textiles, the Hydro Jacket may just replace your Gortex.

N2R’s Hydro Jacket was born out of necessity as there were no other water repellent jackets on the market that were also sustainable. Luca Sburlati decided then to create a small brand based around 3 main values. “First, the clothes had to have a nice design and fit. They needed to be exclusively made in Italy and they had to be seriously sustainable,” Sburlati explained. Using private funding, Sburlati dove head first into creating sustainable outerwear and began experimenting with fabric options. Ultimately he came across a naturally water repellent fabric made by an experienced company near Lake Como, Italy.

The high quality fabric for the Hydro Jacket is made from multiple layers of organic cotton with the fibers tightly packed and twisted together. The fabric is also beaten to make it denser and tighter so when it comes in contact with water it expands and stiffens. When dry, the fabric returns to its normal softness. Comparatively, there is 30% more fiber in this material than in traditional fabrics. And what makes the material water repellent also makes it wind resistant.

Sburlati also told us that N2R is currently working on new outerwear styles for both men and women using the same fabric as in their Hydro Jacket. A recent Kickstarter campaign was completely funded and funds raised will go to be used to produce more jackets. Currently, the jackets are available for sale in a unisex style in four colors for €189.00.

+ Hydro Jacket €189

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