For the lady who changes her mind on a dime, there’s Dooq, a line of “fully transformable” sandals you can customize in virtually unlimited ways. Almost everyone tires of the contents of their closet at some point, according to Rasa Pekarskait?, the Lithuanian designer behind the concept. Not so with Dooq. Every element of the shoe, from the side straps to the button embellishment, comes in a range of interchangeable colors, shapes, materials, and patterns. Cobble a different look in a matter of seconds, Pekarskait? says. “It’s even possible to create one’s own pattern of the sandal’s upper part and have one and only Dooqs in the world,” she adds.


Pekarskait?’s invention has an environmental angle, as well. Since Dooqs are able to adapt to their wearer’s changing needs, they’re less likely to end up abandoned in a landfill.

Plus, the soles are also made using regenerated leather, which is typically derived from production waste. Pekarskait? says her eventual plan is to turn old Dooq soles into new ones, with a take-back program that rewards returned sandals with discounts on a new pair.

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“Some people believe sustainable fashion is dull but the very essence of Dooq is based on belief that things which are changing never become boring,” Pekarskait? says, noting that dozens of combinations can fit into a small, travel-friendly shoebox.

Dooq starter sets are currently available for preorder on Kickstarter at a starting cost of $55.

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