Joseph Gannon and Max Wastler of All Plaidout have released a seven-minute teaser for a potential TV series about products that are still made in the U.S.A. In Made Right Here, the duo take a trip to Tennessee, where they go behind the scenes at the Nokona baseball-glove factory, Pointer Brand, Cause & Effect, and Imogene + Willie. “It’s our desire to not only show how it’s made, not only where it’s made, but to also show the people who make it,” Wastler says. “We want to tell their stories.”

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Imogene + Willie


The show takes an even more compelling turn when Gannon and Wastler roll up their sleeves—both proverbially and literally—to try their hand at making some of the brands’ signature pieces. They make six pairs of carpenter jeans at Pointer, a chambray western shirt at Imogene + Willie, and belts and buckles with Billy Moore of Cause & Effect.

Made Right Here gives a voice to buying American.

“I say we made…really, we tried and failed to make all these things,” Waslter admits. “This is part of the story, too. These people are craftspeople who’ve dedicated their lives to mastering a skill, a skill that is really tough to do.”

More than the sum of its parts, the proposed show is the story of American manufacturing. In the video, the pair talk to factory owners about the migration of jobs to China, the rise of fast fashion, and flagging standards of quality and safety. Made Right Here gives a voice to buying American. From their mouths to a TV executive’s ears.

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