Transform your favorite shoes, shirts, and jackets into heavy-duty, water-repelling workwear with Otter Wax, an all-natural, nontoxic bar derived from humanely and sustainably derived beeswax, lanolin (extracted from wool), and plant-based oils. Made in Portland without paraffin, silicone, or other synthetic ingredients, the formula creates a long-lasting, weather-resistant seal with a quick muss-free rub.

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Named after the semi-aquatic mammal—but not made from it—Otter Wax doesn’t use animal byproducts that result from animal slaughter, such as mink oil, a leather-conditioning treatment composed of mink fat, or neatsfoot oil, a textile moisturizer derived from the boiled shinbones of cattle.

Otter Wax doesn’t use paraffin, silicone, or animal byproducts that result from animal slaughter.

Because it’s shaped in a convenient bar, Otter Wax can be applied to a raft of fabrics, including canvas, denim, wool, cotton, tin cloth, and nylon, even on the go. The company also offers a range of all-natural leather-care products for creating a safe and environmentally friendly sheen.

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