Mammoth Outerwear is launching a campaign to take the fur out of winter wear. In a new Kickstarter campaign, the clothing company is offering up super-warm jackets that buck the trend of “Made in Canada” parkas with fur-trim. Their new line of winter wear out performs fur in cold climates, showing that you don’t need to harm animals to stay toasty warm this winter.

The typical bomber jacket takes the fur of one fox and the feathers of two geese to produce. Mammoth Outerwear has conducted research to replicate the same warmth that fur and down provide, with top of the line synthetics.

Their line of thick parkas keep the wearer dry and warm thanks to a futuristic textile called PrimaLoft Gold Insulation. Lightweight and soft, it mimics goose down, without harm to animals. Like down, the synthetic microfibers trap body heat, keeping it close to the body.

PrimaLoft Gold Insulation also mimics down with its resistance to wetness, repelling water while keeping its insulation properties even in torrential downpour.

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Each stylish jacket also has built-in features that keep you warm in harsh conditions. Felted pockets double as hand warmers when mittens are left behind, thumbholes keep sleeves snug like fingerless gloves, and climate control back straps let you carry the jacket hands-free like a back pack when indoors.

Despite its superior warming qualities, Mammoth jackets are surprisingly sleek and stylish, without any bulkiness. Through their Kickstarter campaign, coat-coveting fashionistas at a deep discount just in time for winter.

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