“I think having a kid really shifted things for me. For so long, it was all about my own personal drive and making the business work, making sure I can actually pay my employees—every day was scrappy.

“Then I had my son, and it was like, ‘Wait. This goes far beyond me.’ Here I am as a manufacturer and I’m making things [every season], but my son and his generation are the ones who will have to deal with all this stuff.

“We’ve been making things too rapidly, and there’s too much of it. There’s this daunting feeling that you can’t change [an industry] that’s been in motion for so long, but I couldn’t keep showing up if we weren’t going to make some changes.”

—Designer Mara Hoffman, speaking to Vogue about her shift to sustainability, beginning with her Spring/Summer 2017 collection, which features better-for-the-planet textiles such as recycled spandex (for her signature swimsuits), Tencel, organic linen, and organic Japanese cotton jacquards.