Who needs to keep their cubicle stocked with analog paraphernalia now that we’ve all moved to paperless offices? Well, if you’re Margarita Mileva, obsolete office supplies make the perfect components for vibrant jewelry, such as twisty necklaces made from multicolored rubber bands, chokers pieced together from wire binding, and pendants fashioned from circular paper clips.

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Mileva, a practicing architect, heads up M2, the accessories offshoot of Milev Architects in New York City. The child of two artists, Mileva finds inspiration in the objects we throw away as a result of changing technology. In the case of architecture firms that go digital, boxes upon boxes of paper clips, business cards, grommets, wire-binding supplies, ribbons, mosaic stones, and rubber bands are left to collect dust.

“I love that I can ‘draw’ and ‘paint’ with rubber bands,” Mileva says.

Of her Mileva’s myriad pieces, her rubber-band necklaces are our favorites by far. Knotted, twisted, and braided every which way, the multihued sculptures almost resemble strands of DNA or underwater coral. “I love the fact that I can ‘draw’ and ‘paint’ with rubber bands,” she says on her Etsy page. Memo to Mileva: We do, too.

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