Did you know that approximately 15 percent of fabric is wasted in the manufacture of a typical garment? Think about it: When a pattern is cut out, the leftover scraps are usually considered useless because they’re too small to sew into anything else. But eco-fashion designer Mark Liu is changing all that with his ingenious “zero-waste” fabric patterns that fit the smaller components of his clothes among the larger ones like a puzzle so that every single scrap is utlized. Truly “cutting” edge!

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Liu’s clever cuts reduce waste, but they also challenge him to create chic looks that use his zero-waste stipulation as an advantage instead of a constraint. In fact, you can really see the beauty of negative space becoming positive—a philosophy that design students learn very early on—in Liu’s intricate creations. What would ordinarily be considered remnant fabric to be discarded by other designers becomes a luxurious embellishment that adds value to the garment.

Liu’s work is featured in the book Sustainable Fashion: Why Now? by Fairchild Books and will hopefully serve as a “template” (sorry, we couldn’t resist) for other young designers looking for ways to green their work but cannot afford to use eco-textiles exclusively just yet.

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