“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Most of us are familiar with the expression, but Paola Masperi of Mayamiko brought refreshing new meaning to an arguably tired phrase. Mayamiko’s “ReBirth” collection focuses on how something that would otherwise be cast aside could be rejuvenated into something beautiful and unique.

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Originally created as a charity in 2008, Mayamiko started with a clear objective of “empowering communities through vocational skills, training, microfinance and fairer business practices.” In addition, Mayamiko assisted in turning local talents and traditional crafts into income generators for the communities and the women living in those communities. Naturally, this is where Mayamiko Designed came into the picture.

ReBirth is just one of the many collections created by Mayamiko Designed in recent years, however, ReBirth is the first to focus on a upcycled aspect to materials used. Paolo explains, “The fabrics we used are such high quality and are “end-of-roll,” which means there might not be enough to produce a full garment in the usual industrial way.” Typically considered useless remnants and thrown away, Masperi saw that these limited, but beautiful, fabrics could be up-cycled into simple and versatile pieces. ReBirth is seen as a means to “empower” the fabrics, just as Mayamiko empowers the communities where they are created.

Sustainability is an important element of Mayamiko and the ReBirth collection. “We live in an amazing time where we have access to virtually infinite amounts of information, there’s no excuse for not asking ourselves where our clothes come from, who made them, and how they got to our doorstep.” #REBIRTH meaning of sustainability seeks to add value to each piece by focusing on providing support and opportunity to the people behind each garment.

Simply stated, Masperi tells us that “Mayamiko is about the people. I sleep well at night if I feel our work is touching the lives of those in the communities we work in.”

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