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Although the inspiration for her scents comes from all over Anne’s life, she is especially inspired by volunteer experiences.   Anne explains that “this drive led me to create the Humanity Fragrance Project, a series of fragrances based on volunteer trips, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the volunteer organization.”

Her fragrances Savann and Amara were born out of a trip to the Children Rainbow Orphanage in rural Cambodia in Feb 2012.  She created Savann with the intention of representing all of the children in the orphanage, who impressed her with their “willingness to share their time with us strangers.”  Anne decided on the components of the scent to match the experience of volunteering there, eventually settling on “mango, pink lotus, and soft sandalwood. The opening mango note is bright and fruity, and I would describe it as friendly and upbeat. Pink lotus grows in the area, and the symbolism of lotus plays into the storied history of Cambodia and it’s ongoing societal and economic recovery. Sandalwood is precious and meditative.”

Closer to home, her scent Garden is an 88% organic scent dedicated to and inspired by a group of urban farmers that began a farm in upstate NY.  Called Ananda Harvest, the group educates both its own members and the community about sustainable farming.  Anne created Garden with her memories of the place in mind, and donates 50% of profits from Garden to reciprocate for the inspiration the project has given her.

“The creative in me feels fulfilled making things. The emotional and intellectual side of me needs to put meaning behind that making. Knowing that perfume can be perceived as a superficial product, I want to show that, like many businesses today, I can give back through MCMC Fragrances.”

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