Photo by Jane M. Sawyer

Grade your closet with a free, online calculator that measures the textile footprint of your entire household. Developed by Colour Connections, a fiber consultancy in the United Kingdom, the calculator captures data about your garment consumption in a year, including number of items purchased (categorized by material and type), how they’re laundered, and whether they’re recycled or trashed at the end of their useful lives. Numbers crunched, the calculator spits out an overall EDU score—that’s “Environmental Damage Units”—that tallies your use of water, energy, non-renewable resources, and carbon emissions. Still, the grading nomenclature could use some work: high-roller types are branded “fashionably overweight,” while mindful consumers with the lowest EDU scores are “fashionably unfashionable.” (Really?) Fun fact: Forgoing one tumble-dry cycle per week saves 170 EDUs, or enough to make 50 pairs of underpants.

+ Household Textile Environmental Impact Calculator

+ Colour Connections