It seems like Americans aren’t alone in their willingness to sacrifice personal dignity in the name of full-body warmth and lower heating bills. One Icelandic designer has contrived the Blankcoat, an embossed alterna-Snuggie made from the wool of sheep originally introduced to Iceland by the Vikings, then bred unmixed for a thousand years.

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A paragon of slow fashion, the Blankoat is grown, shorn, knitted, and sewn in Iceland. (Take that, cheap virgin polyester of undeterminable origin!) Icelandic sheep are known for their dual-coated fleece, and accordingly, the Blankoat comprises both coarse and fine fibers. The first, known as the “tog,” is hardy and water-repellent, while its downier counterpart (“thel”) offers a silkier, more insulating buffer against the elements.

The Blankcoat comprises both coarse and fine fibers, which work in tandem to repel water and insulate.

Aesthetics-wise, the Blankoat is far subtler than the Snuggie, Slanket, and their ilk—well, insomuch as a oversized blanket with sleeves can be subtle. It’s available in natural, undyed coal, finished with a sleet-colored edge or a dyed teal with a mint finish.

+ Blankoat €250

+ Sruli Recht