A Los Angeles-based footwear company has created what it dubs the world’s first three-dimensionally knitted casual shoe. JS Shoe describes the unisex shoe, which is available for preorder on Kickstarter, as form-fitting yet breathable. It’s also seamless, thanks to the use of a state-of-the-art knitting machine that churns out the exact amount of cotton-polyester fiber required without any waste. Once the upper is formed, a heel of EVA polymer (ethlyene-vinyl acetate) is glued on to provide extra support. In an atypical move for a footwear manufacturer, JS Shoe allows lets its customers purchase one shoe at a time.


“Since most people have a half size variation between their feet, we felt that it was important to package our shoes individually,” said Xiaoxi Shi, founder and creative director of JS Shoe, in a press release. “[This way], we can offer different sizes for each foot and allow our customers the ability to choose different colors which they can mix and match and let their personalities shine.”

Because 3D knitting reduces the numbers of layers you need, the shoe is also extremely lightweight, weighing just 4.6 ounces—a boon for travelers.

JS shoes can be squeezed into a very compact shape taking minimum space and weight in your luggage,” Shi said. “It releases room for other import traveling items.”

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With a month left to go, the campaign has already surpassed its $50,000 target. The early-bird specials are gone, but you can still snag a pair at a discounted rate of $79, shipping included. A rainbow-hued “special edition” is also available for $119.

Nike uses a similar knitting technique to produce its “Flyknit” sneakers, which hug the foot like a second skin. Adidas can also lay claim to the world’s first knitted football boot.

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