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The breezy floor-through showroom opened its doors to fashion press and fans, presenting their exquisite wares up for consumption. Rows and rows of gorgeously unique jewelry, hats, underwear and accessories represented by Mega Mega were splayed for visitors to enjoy, while sipping and socializing before heading to the big shows.

Brooklyn’s Dirty Librarian Chains held a stand out presences, with an eclectic line of necklaces, rings, earrings and pins. Designed by Susan Domelsmith, the entire line is made without manufacturing or plating waste. Domelsmith collects carefully inspected vintage materials to create her gorgeous line of statement jewelry. At least 80% of each piece of made from recycled materials, giving the intricate baubles of yesteryear new life.

Laura Lombardi’s industrial-inspired necklaces are also made from repurposed materials. Lombardi finds her materials in both the jewelry and industrial realms, fusing them together to create bold, geometric pieces that feel both historic and modern at the same time. The Chicago based designer’s collection may be small, but each piece feels as though it is made with purpose.

Studying Metals, Small Scale Sculpture and Sustainability at Evergreen State College, designer Erin Considine has turned her skills toward a sustainable jewelry line. The resulting pieces are clearly inspired by her sculptural background, making the line stand apart from the rest. Each piece is crafted entirely in New York using sustainable practices.

We’re excited to see Mega Mega Projects’ incredible roster flourish in the future.

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