If you’ve been longing for an eco-friendly sports bra that’s also comfortable, functional, and stylish, the Mi-Bra should jog your fancy. Made of 90 percent organic cotton with 10 percent Spandex for stretch (no one wants saggy underpinnings), the no-frills black bra is perfect for working out. It even has a thoughtfully placed pocket for you to tuck your MP3 player for hands-free listening.

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The best part about the Mi-Bra? It only costs two tenners, which is a steal when you consider that similar organic-cotton sports bras land in the $30-$50 range. If you’re paranoid about electromagnetic radiation in the vicinity of your chest—don’t worry, we all have our tinfoil-hat moments—Carolina Baker-Norko, the founder of Mi-Bra, doesn’t pooh-pooh your apprehension.

The best part about the Mi-Bra? It only costs $20.

“The concern is something to think about,” she says. “And I believe if [people] are worried about radiation, they should use the pocket for other things like debit cards, subway cards, dollar bills, or keys.” In other words, just run with it.

+ Mi-Bra $20